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Apple vs Everyone Else

(The following is my first post. It is a matter of opinion, and should be regarded as such.)

One thing I know for certain is that everyone likes to criticize Apple. But one fact is available that no one can dispute: since Apple released the iPhone 5s, it’s competitors have been struggling to play catch up. When Apple released their 64-bit, A7 chip, their competitors were caught off guard (which they openly admitted.) What’s even more amazing to me is that the nearly 7 month old 5s outperforms much newer phones including the brand new Galaxy S5. Of course, Apple May be lagging in certain areas such as screen size and interface customization, but the fact remains that Apple continues to impress post Steve Jobs. Apple has just beat analysts expectations and boasted an impressive 2Q. Samsung and HTC continue to disappoint investors and Blackberry, well, they’re almost irrelevant. I’ve owned Android products in the past, including the Samsung and HTC phones, and I always end up reverting back to iPhone. If I could choose one Android enabled phone, however, it certainly wouldn’t be the Galaxy. If Apple simply stopped selling phones (which I admit would ruin them) I would choose the HTC One M8. In my opinion, HTC is the only company that is on the right track to compete with Apple. I have a feeling that the next round of flagship smartphones from HTC and Apple with make for a difficult choice for consumers.